• What's in My Camera Bag?

    I’ve been sharing image/text stories on Backspaces, a social network with web and mobile presence. I like the ability to use more frames to tell a story and have the ability to  include (or not) text to accompany photographs. The largely minimal U.I. is easy to use, mostly intuitive, good-looking.  I also like the ability to easily explore other stories and share  links to them via other social networks. I appreciate the simple feature of being able to just copy the link, too, which is convenient when I’m on my mobile. In fact, the website’s splash screen has the ubiquitous “suggested users list,” but it also features the stories/images themselves. I love the way the work is showcased and not jut the user or creator. Backspaces isn’t a camera replacement app, so users can happily shoot/create as they like in the style or size they prefer. No filters, either, just a place to compose stories.