• 12 Days of Haikus for Christmas

    No. 1
    I see the landscape
    Uneven, ravaged corpus
    Devils in the dust

    No. 2
    Glass shards on a road
    Strange courage walking barefoot
    Among shining stars

    No. 3
    Angry rain rushes
    Cresting rivers, rising tides
    The land washed away

    No. 4
    Light punctures the night
    Constellation of rhinestones
    Who can tell heaven?

    No. 5
    Streams meander
    Bending currents around banks
    Back to beginnings

    No. 6
    Days in December
    Afternoons dark and shuttered 

    No. 7
    Mired in doubt, look above
    Cloud from cloud, and some combine
    Solace in science and art

    No. 8
    Rain wakes languid sleep 
    Beating hard against the hour
    Heavy heaves the huntress

    No. 9
    Sun, lazy to rise 
    Drowsy eye amidst the clouds
    Slumbering daydream

    No. 10
    Daylight dims, stars gone 
    Shadows disappear from view
    The sun standing still

    No. 11
    Wild winds whirl through trees
    Lifting the hem of king tides
    The beach now is empty

    No. 12
    A low sky, stars spark 
    Sea and shore close their divide
    Gravity unbound