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  • What's Up in 2014?

    Golden Gardens

    Photo:  Seattle's Golden Garden's Park on January 23, 2014, with iPhone 5

    Happy New Year! 

    The last half of 2013 was focused on reflection rather than starting new photography or writing projects. It was a planned retreat but one sprung from necessity. Moving forward for any lengthen of time, for me, tends to stir a compulsion to look back, be still, hunker down in quiet. 

    I spent a considerable amount of time photographing with my RIcoh GXR, a compact digital camera I've had for a few years, and some time not photographing much with my iPhone. I found that switching between the two wasn't helping me but leaving me with dissatisfaciton in both mediums. I renewed  interested in depth of field and lighting, as a result. The switch also temporarily moved me away from the speed and hurry of street photography, too, choosing instead to spend time with quiet still life. 

    In August and September 2013, I started a for-hire business for my photography that invites me to work with others to realize their creative visions. I've turned attention toward documenting clients' programs or activities as well as conducting portrait sittings for people and their beloved pets. These projects force me to step outside my aesthetic comfort zones to explore possiblities arising from communicating with others, stirring new possibilities that arise from collaboration.

    The new year brings new excitement and adventure, too. In the spring and summer of 2014, I'll teach my first local  mobile photography workshops. I'm a professional instructor of writing and literature, but this will be a first: to tackle the visual! I'm excited and looking forward to the spring workshop:

    "Shoot, Edit, and Share Great iPhone Photos"
    ArtsNow/ULearn Edmonds Community College
    6:30 pp-8:30 pm 
    May 27-June 10 (3 weekly session)
    Tuition: $75.00