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  • Geometry of Stories

    Geometry of Stories

    Everything goes away, and we fuss about it. How long will this be here before it goes? What comes next?

    Mornings and evenings. Beginnings and endings. They are what grab our attention, what we tend to remember, what we want to fill or extend.  Middles are a little more complex, a lot less tidy. Everything changes in the space between arrivals and departures. What fills the gaps between the two are the stories we live and tell–about how we move from starts to ends, what we find between, forces with and against us and within us, where we work the angles.

    A spattering of disparate moments, dots on this white page, scattered here and there, are the many middles of this life. Flashes, afterimages floating across the eye. One after the other, they make little sense. They bounce. Collapse causality, segue to coincidence, ride the serendipity of chance.

    It’s in this flux of scenes that fade in and out that I consider the plausibility of my life not being quite as chaotic or random as I had imagined, not senseless or obscure. Maybe these dots don’t arrange themselves into a level line; maybe I should stop trying to force their geometry. All my ends and beginnings are middles, and it’s okay. Our collections of middles make living round.

    Photo: Bow/Edison, Wash. iPhone 3Gs in 2011

  • Lies by Starlight

    I think night is good for many things. Telling lies by starlight, for one. Stories unfold as the moon rises. Tender words lift language from a symphony of silence. In the oblivion of darkness, we lose inhibitions and find words, otherwise misplaced, unknown or formless in days we can’t really remember, when we lose moments before they happen. That’s where truths vanish to, these spaces between letters in gaps rather than the marks. Fascination resides in our being, in finding a missing language, in the pleasure of our make believe when we discover what we love most is to be heard and to say, “Listen to me.”